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Is there any room left for us in the future now that our digital twins have arrived?

Many years ago, back in the late 1980s, I first read an article that mentioned the “Computerizer,” described as a non-human character from the future with the ability to create realistic replicas or copies of any human being. , whether contemporary or from the past. That science fiction is now reali…

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We have learned so much to doubt everything that, by believing in nothing, we believe in everything

About 2300 years ago. the Greek philosopher Aristotle taught that to determine if something was real, three elements were needed: that our senses were functioning properly, that there were no external disturbances or obstacles restricting our senses, and that other people had the same perceptions in…

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The great narratives of the past are over: now we only have fragmented narratives

I recently entered the gym and, as I do every day, I looked on my phone for the app that contains the barcode to mark my presence at the gym. Only that day the application did not open. Seeing my predicament, the young receptionist, before I said anything, said: “If you don't know how to use your em…

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The future calls us: understanding the signs on our path

Recently, a tragic accident happened on a highway in my town. An elderly man in his nineties entered the highway in the wrong direction and collided head-on with another vehicle. Tragically, both drivers lost their lives. This sad event may have an important message for us.

Local journalists spok…

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We did it! The war on earth has already reached space.

It turns out that in one of the many regrettable wars that are currently being fought in this world (it doesn't matter which war it is, because they are all wars) a missile from one country shot down another missile from another country in space. According to several journalistic reports, it is the …

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Not every change is progress nor is every new thing an improvement

I recently spoke with the manager of a small business who told me that he had to update the computer program he uses to manage his company, from the database with customer information to every sale made and every payment made. And the result was disastrous.

After several months of back and forth …

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What knowledge already exists today that we will only understand centuries or millennia from now?

A recent report, by Egyptologist Victoria Almansa-Villatoro and published in Smithsonian Magazine, confirms that the Hittites (in today’s Turkey) gave rise to the Iron Age 3,300 years ago by inventing the procedure necessary to separate that metal from other minerals.

Despite the revolutionary …

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Will there be a rebirth of humanity that will allow us to avoid the end of humanity?

For millennia, and perhaps since its very origins, humanity has walked on the edge of the abyss. And in times like ours, we even look into the abyss and feel vertigo because, as Nietzsche already explained, “If you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you.” (Beyond Good and Evil, 146 ).…

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The appearance of knowledge leads us into dangerous self-deception

Recently, an acquaintance told me that, in his childhood, he was forced by a matter of family tradition to learn to read aloud the language of his ancestors. After several years, he finally managed to do it. And although today, now in his sixties, he can continue to faithfully repeat many of those r…

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Are you ready to certify yourself as a human? In a short time, it will be a requirement

Artificial generative intelligence (AGI) has advanced so rapidly over the past few months that it appears that in the near future humans will need to be certified as humans if they want to claim copyright for their creations, which they will also need to demonstrate that those creations. They are or…

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Motionless, cold water exists even if we have never seen it

The (fictional) story is told of a young man who, after living his entire life in a small village in the rainforest, for some reason decided to go out to explore the world and when he returned to his village two years later, he explained that he had visited a place in which there water was motionles…

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Artificial intelligence has already begun to impose its digital monoculturalism

These days, especially thanks to large language models, you can hardly read anything that hasn't been written and translated by artificial intelligence. Therefore, regardless of the topic or language, articles and news have the same structure and follow the same sequence. It is the dawn of digital m…

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What generates us more anxiety, intelligent robots or the destruction of the planet?

Since 2019, people have begun to talk about eco-anxiety, a concept that was first applied to that negative feeling generated by the destruction and contamination of the planet and by climate change (whatever its cause) and that was later expanded to include all kinds of of anxiety related to the fut…

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Neither obsession with the present nor rejecting the present are viable options

In the same way that certain people suffer from inflammation of the appendix, that is, appendicitis, many people suffer (or enjoy, as the case may be) from a metaphorical inflammation of the present, which should be called presentitis. In either case, it is a situation that, sooner or later, will li…

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Can juries and judges really decide what is real and what is not?

In 1818, in the court of Manhattan (New York), the state inspector James Maurice took the merchant Samuel Judd to trial for the crime of insisting that whales were mammals, and not, as everyone believed at the time, fish.

Although the naturalist Lineo had already said in 1758 that whales were mam…

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Sharing the same space does not imply sharing the same time

Recently, Spanish philosopher Daniel Innerarity proposed (and he is right) that the new social challenge consists of solving the dilemma interacting with those people who "live in the same space, but with different time horizons." Although we rarely think about it, let alone admit it, it is true tha…

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The global meta-metamorphosis is almost here while we look the other way

Now that the great tide of that European experiment called Modernity has begun to recede, ideas, desires, and hopes that have been drowned for the last 500 years can be seen all over the world. But as the tide of Modernity continues to recede, there is a growing possibility of a tsunami of global an…

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What needs to happen for us to accept that reality has changed and act appropriately?

One of the basic characteristics of the human being is, or rather, was the ability to adapt to new environments and new circumstances. But, it seems, that capacity is disappearing and there are already legions of those who, even knowingly, prefer to perpetuate the past or repeat the present before v…

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What will happen when quantum supercomputers are the brains of intelligent robots?

According to a story published earlier this month, a new quantum supercomputer from Google can solve in seconds problems that it would take other quantum supercomputers 47 years to solve. In other words, the processing time was reduced from almost half a century to a few seconds.

If that same rat…

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To what extent have we become undesirable to the planet that even orcas attack us?

The similar increasing number of attacks on ships by killer whales in the Strait of Gibraltar area has been explained (at least preliminarily) as the reaction of adult killer whales having negative encounters with ships. Since the attacks are concentrated on the helm of the ships (and not on humans)…

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