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Blog posts March 2022

More knowledge and information generate more ignorance and less wisdom

We frequently hear that joke saying that marriage is the main cause of divorce. Technically, it is true. In the same way, it could be said that knowledge is the main cause of ignorance. And it may well be that this is so because it is clear that easy access to the enormous amount of information and …

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An anti-universe full of irrelevant "factoids" and harsh "censorship"

I was recently invited to participate in a virtual meeting on the disproportionate psychological, economic, and social impact that the two years of the current pandemic have had on the Hispanic community in the United States, where 90 percent of Latinos lost jobs or significant income, and where two…

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Classes are now offered to learn to swim out of the water

I recently received a message asking me to share with my contacts the information about a new course teaching people how to open their own childcare business. A little further down in the same message it was indicated that childcare would not be offered during the course because, apparently, the org…

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The current epidemic of infobesity feeds our minds with junk information

One of the great challenges in combating and reducing hunger where I live (Colorado, United States) is that those who are not hungry or food insecure believe that these problems do not exist because they are not directly affected. Yet one in ten people in Colorado faces hunger.

One of the main re…

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We're so lost we don't even recognize that we've already found ourselves

At the end of September 2021, somewhere in Turkey, a man arrived at the trailhead of a path through a local forest. He found something unusual: a large group of people had gathered there to begin searching for someone lost in that same forest. Faced with such a situation, the newcomer joined the sea…

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