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Blog posts August 2023

Neither obsession with the present nor rejecting the present are viable options

In the same way that certain people suffer from inflammation of the appendix, that is, appendicitis, many people suffer (or enjoy, as the case may be) from a metaphorical inflammation of the present, which should be called presentitis. In either case, it is a situation that, sooner or later, will li…

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Can juries and judges really decide what is real and what is not?

In 1818, in the court of Manhattan (New York), the state inspector James Maurice took the merchant Samuel Judd to trial for the crime of insisting that whales were mammals, and not, as everyone believed at the time, fish.

Although the naturalist Lineo had already said in 1758 that whales were mam…

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Sharing the same space does not imply sharing the same time

Recently, Spanish philosopher Daniel Innerarity proposed (and he is right) that the new social challenge consists of solving the dilemma interacting with those people who "live in the same space, but with different time horizons." Although we rarely think about it, let alone admit it, it is true tha…

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The global meta-metamorphosis is almost here while we look the other way

Now that the great tide of that European experiment called Modernity has begun to recede, ideas, desires, and hopes that have been drowned for the last 500 years can be seen all over the world. But as the tide of Modernity continues to recede, there is a growing possibility of a tsunami of global an…

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What needs to happen for us to accept that reality has changed and act appropriately?

One of the basic characteristics of the human being is, or rather, was the ability to adapt to new environments and new circumstances. But, it seems, that capacity is disappearing and there are already legions of those who, even knowingly, prefer to perpetuate the past or repeat the present before v…

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