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Blog posts June 2023

To what extent have we become undesirable to the planet that even orcas attack us?

The similar increasing number of attacks on ships by killer whales in the Strait of Gibraltar area has been explained (at least preliminarily) as the reaction of adult killer whales having negative encounters with ships. Since the attacks are concentrated on the helm of the ships (and not on humans)…

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Without thinking by ourselves, the inevitable result is the cult of ignorance

In a recent column in Clarín, Argentine journalist and philosopher Miguel Wiñazki rightly affirmed that we live in the era of the "cult of ignorance." And while such a statement is focused on the context of his native country, that cult of ignorance is already a global cult that worships an ignoranc…

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There is nothing good about a small, closed mind in this immense universe

In the last two and a half millennia we have gone from living in a small universe (about 40 miles in diameter) to living in a huge universe that is perhaps part of an infinite multiverse. And I went from assuming that our city was the navel of the universe to accepting that the center is everywhere …

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How long will we insist on the crazy claim to be the only and the best?

When I was still in elementary school (not that many decades ago) we were taught that one of the differences between humans and "animals" was the ability of humans to create and use tools. Later, with greater knowledge and with advances in zoology and biology, that "difference" disappeared, since th…

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