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Blog posts May 2022

We have already begun to delegate our self-destruction to artificial intelligence

In the context of the current war in Europe (one more!), of another massacre in the United States (another one!), and of a world convulsed by innumerable problems, from the increasing number of retrograde and oppressive laws to the immense capacity of many people to deny the undeniable, the question…

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The pandemic forced people to remove those unpleasant smiley masks they wore

There is no doubt that the pandemic (which, by the way, is not over yet) has impacted and transformed many aspects of our lives. For example, a new study reveals that the pandemic has caused and increased apathy and exacerbated divisions in many churches. And another impact of the pandemic, I add, w…

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Repeating the past renders the present insignificant and cancels out the future

The story is told that, during the Second World War, the English army decided to review its troops to find a way to increase their effectiveness and that review found that next to each mobile cannon there were always two soldiers who did nothing, an unacceptable situation, of course, in the middle o…

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