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Blog posts August 2022

The current crisis reveals what remained hidden for a long time

One must really question whether it is not that nature (or the universe, or some other type of presence) is using one crisis after another (pandemic, drought) to practically force us to remember everything that we would like to leave submerged in the unconscious and, that way, become aware of our ac…

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We are neither the best nor the only ones nor the most powerful

At the end of the Star Trek episode "Errand of Mercy" (S1-Ep26, March 1967), the famous Captain Kirk reflects on how difficult it is to accept that, despite what one may believe, humans are neither the best, neither the only ones, nor the most powerful ones in the universe.

In the Star Trek fanta…

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Holding on to “bad” ideas limits our world and reduces our understanding

About 20 million years ago (a million more, a million less) our distant ancestors were unable to distinguish between red and green, a disadvantageous situation when one must decide whether or not a certain fruit is ripe enough to eat. In fact, the evolution of vision was very slow, and it took milli…

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Wanting to be first is worthless if you also want to be the only one

Recently, on my way home, I was driving down a busy highway where a group of trucks were blocking the two available lanes. But that didn't stop a “rushing” driver from getting up close behind my vehicle and, in addition to his rude gestures, trying to pass, even though there was nowhere to do so.…

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