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We are disconnected from the future because we are disconnected from ourselves

About 2500 years ago, at the beginning of the so-called Western civilization, Heraclitus warned about the negative consequences for the entire society of those people unable to relate to others because they could not even relate to themselves. Two and a half millennia later, the situation has worsen…

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It is time to start thinking about the 27th century

When civilization fell apart globally (and by many of the same factors that plague us today) in the 12th century BC, a group of dedicated forward-thinking people pledged to preserve and stabilize civilization, which it happened some 600 years later. Similarly, today we have to start thinking about t…

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What’s the point of being free if then we slave ourselves?

Mythology can be understood, among one of its many meanings, as an externalization of our psychological life and in that way, by making the unconscious conscious, it sheds light on our daily actions, showing them in all their tragedy. At times I think mythology only becomes concrete by being acted o…

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There are many excellent ways to close our eyes to reality

There are many excellent ways to close your eyes to reality and, to be direct, it seems that in the age in which we live (and not only because of the pandemic) people still find new ways to disengage and forget about reality. However, closing your eyes to reality doesn’t cause reality to disappear.…

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It’s time to learn how to learn to constantly reinvent ourselves

According to a recent report, now that we are living on this side of the most recent pandemic, more and more companies are hiring staff not because of what they know or have studied, but because of the ability of those people to learn to learn and, more specifically, constantly learning to reinvent …

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Measuring time increases the entropy in the universe

Life has become so absurd that it seems necessary to seek some kind of explanation, even if partially satisfactory, to try to understand this significant and undeniable growth of chaos, and not of a chaos that anticipates a new creation, but of a chaos that anticipates destruction. According to a ne…

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According to Seneca, life seems to be short because we just waste it

Two millennia ago, at the time of the Roman Empire, people complained about the shortness of their lives. And they were right, since at that time the life expectancy for most people was only 35 years and someone in their 40s was considered “very old”. But, according to the Stoic philosopher Seneca, …

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Let’s use the proper tools to solve problems and challenges

I recently had to remove several branches from a shrub in my backyard because the shrub, perhaps somewhat neglected last year, had grown disproportionately for its section of the yard. The task seemed extremely simple to me, but it became complicated because, at first, I didn’t use the right tools.…

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If we only see what our believes allow us to see, we see nothing

I was recently asked to give a (virtual) presentation on current trends and, as a consequence, the possible future that we would not be heading for. So, I started with a warning that I always use: “I do not predict or know the future”. And then I said: "If tomorrow an asteroid hit Earth or the Marti…

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What are the main questions people have about the future? Cars and food

In a recent survey (February 2021), the Kaspersky company asked about 7,000 people around the world what were the main questions those people had about the future. In other words, the survey sought to determine what the general public around the planet really wants to know about the future. And the …

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Closing your eyes to the future will not stop the future from arriving

Someone recently contacted me asking for my help to "see the future with more clarity." This is a businessman who, due to the changes caused by the pandemic, considered it prudent to spend some time thinking about how his business could be part of the new future. But, despite his request, he didn’t …

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Experts get so used to their own thinking that they make mistakes

In 1991, French diver Henri Cosquer, while exploring an area near Marseille, found the underwater entrance to a cave where, to his amazement, there were prehistoric paintings on the walls. In fact, hundreds of paintings, including penguins. When Cosquer announced his discovery, many "experts" indica…

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What lessons has this pandemic taught us during the past 12 months?

One year after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, a global health crisis that in many ways paralyzed the planet, what lessons has this pandemic taught us? The answer is clear: many lessons. But how many of those lessons have we learned? The answer is also clear: none.

I have heard many times tha…

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How tolerant should we be of intolerant people?

Many years ago, I read a science fiction story -I can't even remember its title- about a group of police officers chasing the last murderer on the planet in a technological future. After cornering him, a police officer shoots him and kills him. And the policeman then exclaims: "I killed the last mur…

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The existential distance between the first human and the last human keeps growing

Recently my son shared a short story with me, found in one of the many Internet sites dedicated to the topic of stories (or parables) which in just ten words tell a complete story and leave a lesson:

"Help me!" cried the last human. "No!" replied the first."

That's the whole story of the conne…

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Algorithms begin to replace scientific knowledge

lgorithms have reached such a level of sophistication and precision that some scientists argue that more is known by using these algorithms than by learning science. In other words, artificial intelligence has led to a rethinking of the utility, purposes, and methods of modern science.

It has bee…

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“Nobody will ever want to go to space anymore!”

I recently shared on social media a story about the beginning of civil and commercial space flights, including flights for tourists, a historic moment for space travel. Almost immediately, someone responded: “But a rocket just exploded. No one will ever want to go into space anymore! "

But is i…

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Narrative is the foundation of the future, the other, and ethical commitments

Throughout history and probably since human beings recognized themselves as such, innumerable tales and stories have been told that, and as they passed from generation to generation, converge in narratives so repeated that they are even accepted as the only reality. But without those narratives ther…

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I am tired of people telling me to focus only on the present

In the current context of uncertainty and anxiety, every time I mention the future, I find the same answer: "We should only think about the present because the present is the only thing that exists." Sometimes the phrase ends with "the only thing we have." Honestly, I'm already tired of that answer …

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Humbly and respectfully share what you know: that’s the foundation of wisdom

Many years ago, when I was still in college and one of the subjects of study was Greek, at that time I went to visit my cousins in Uruguay and when walking along a beach I noticed an interesting inscription on the door of a house. Then, I said, “Zoé. Life”, and I kept walking.

A few steps la…

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