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Blog posts April 2019

Reality is dead. And we have killed it.

May Nietzsche forgive us (that is, me) for disrespectfully paraphrasing him, but it’s time to proclaim that "Reality is dead. And we've killed it. " In other words, the illusion that we have created has become so real that we have forgotten that it is an illusion, and, for that reason, we have forgo…

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You can't teach a person who refuse to learn

You can’t help those who do not want to be helped and you can’t teach those who do not want to learn. Unfortunately for me, I learned those lessons late in life. In fact, I am just now learning them, so I mistakenly still believe that we should help the needy and educate those who need it. But, alth…

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The end of the world as we know it is near (not a joke or a prophecy)

Western Civilization, now technologized and globalized, already has an expiration date: it will disappear in the coming decades and it will be replaced by a meta artificial intelligence (Meta-IA) in control of the planet, while each human being will live enclosed within his/her own techno-bubble, ac…

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If I say, “I know it”, then I don’t know it

A situation I face too often (for my taste) when presenting a new topic or a new idea to a group of students (whether young or adult) is the reaction "I already know that", followed by the mention of some kind of "source", mostly a movie, where a topic remotely related to the new idea previously pre…

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