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Blog posts May 2021

What’s the point of being free if then we slave ourselves?

Mythology can be understood, among one of its many meanings, as an externalization of our psychological life and in that way, by making the unconscious conscious, it sheds light on our daily actions, showing them in all their tragedy. At times I think mythology only becomes concrete by being acted o…

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There are many excellent ways to close our eyes to reality

There are many excellent ways to close your eyes to reality and, to be direct, it seems that in the age in which we live (and not only because of the pandemic) people still find new ways to disengage and forget about reality. However, closing your eyes to reality doesn’t cause reality to disappear.…

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It’s time to learn how to learn to constantly reinvent ourselves

According to a recent report, now that we are living on this side of the most recent pandemic, more and more companies are hiring staff not because of what they know or have studied, but because of the ability of those people to learn to learn and, more specifically, constantly learning to reinvent …

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Measuring time increases the entropy in the universe

Life has become so absurd that it seems necessary to seek some kind of explanation, even if partially satisfactory, to try to understand this significant and undeniable growth of chaos, and not of a chaos that anticipates a new creation, but of a chaos that anticipates destruction. According to a ne…

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According to Seneca, life seems to be short because we just waste it

Two millennia ago, at the time of the Roman Empire, people complained about the shortness of their lives. And they were right, since at that time the life expectancy for most people was only 35 years and someone in their 40s was considered “very old”. But, according to the Stoic philosopher Seneca, …

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