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Project Vision 21

Transforming lives, renewing minds, cocreating the future


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About Us

Project Vision 21, an independent, bilingual (English/Spanish) consulting agency with offices in Aurora, Colorado.

We provide a variety of services for several corporations, non-profit organizations, and government agencies, including translations (trans-contextualization of messages), community and media outreach, and multicultural/diversity training.

In addition, Project Vision 21 generates and distributes original daily stories and information in English and in Spanish for local, regional, and national media outlets. 

Dr. Francisco Miraval is a transformational philosopher with solid formation and experience in education, journalism, and humanities. Born and raised in Argentina, Francisco lives in United States, his adoptive country, where he arrived almost 25 years ago.

Francisco holds advanced degrees in philosophy and theology, as well as certificates as language instructor. He taught at universities in Buenos Aires and in Denver. He is also a certified spiritual counselor. Francisco is an ordained minister (since 1978), a professional translator (since 1984), a presenter of scholarly papers about philosophy and theology at regional and national conferences (since 1984), a college professor (since 1985), and a journalist (since 1988.)

As a journalist, almost 10,000 of Francisco’s stories have appeared in media outlets in the United States and in other countries. In addition, since November 2016, he also edits Diario del Futuro Emergente (Emerging Future Daily News), an online publication in Spanish.