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Blog posts June 2021

The new reality unfolds faster than we can understand it

Until just under 100 years ago, the Milky Way was believed to be the entire universe, that is, it was not known that the Milky Way was just one galaxy among countless others, but it was assumed to be all that existed. Then Andromeda measurements confirmed that Andromeda was another galaxy and not a …

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We live in a frozen society, as frozen and cold as our hearts and minds

We sit in front of a screen (it doesn’t matter which one) to watch something and immediately we say there is nothing to watch, even after browsing dozens of channels, or searching hundreds of options. And if we watch something, even if it is new, we already know what is going to happen because it is…

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We are disconnected from the future because we are disconnected from ourselves

About 2500 years ago, at the beginning of the so-called Western civilization, Heraclitus warned about the negative consequences for the entire society of those people unable to relate to others because they could not even relate to themselves. Two and a half millennia later, the situation has worsen…

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It is time to start thinking about the 27th century

When civilization fell apart globally (and by many of the same factors that plague us today) in the 12th century BC, a group of dedicated forward-thinking people pledged to preserve and stabilize civilization, which it happened some 600 years later. Similarly, today we have to start thinking about t…

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