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Blog posts August 2019

We think we can extinguish our inner light, but it’s still shinning

My car, although not new, works well and, except for normal maintenance, doesn’t present any major problems. However, the headlights, as I discovered recently, no longer illuminated as before, so an "expert" suggested changing them, with an estimated cost of hundreds of dollars.

Before deciding…

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What are we really creating by recreating ourselves and the planet?

In his interesting book The Fourth Age, Byron Reese proposes that every time humanity accesses a new technology, humanity changes and, because of that, the planet also changes. For that reason, we can ask: What are we really transforming when our technology is transforming us and the planet?


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The curious case of identifying with an ideology and not knowing it

I recently participated in a community event that required some formality, so I was surprised to find a young man who, without wearing a jacket and a tie that all other men wore, arrived dressed in a shirt (jersey) of Barcelona, the well-known soccer club from Spain.

At the end of the meeting, I …

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We don't even know our own planet completely yet

NASA recently announced the discovery of an exoplanet near the star CJ357 that, due to its characteristics, could be similar to the earth. The discovery of exoplanets similar to the earth is nothing new, but what is new is that almost simultaneously Facebook announced that we still don’t have accura…

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