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Intelligent robots with human brains: A sci-fi future now is a reality

I recently read an article about a topic that is gaining a lot of interest: the arrival of intelligent robots with "human brain organoids." This idea, which a few years ago seemed like something out of science fiction, is now a reality thanks to researchers at Tianjin University in China.

Brain o…

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Cultivating Timeless Wisdom: Ensuring the Legacy of Humanity for 12,000 Years

I recently read an article (on stating that archaeologists found evidence that Australian Aboriginal communities transmitted the same ritual from one generation to the next for 50 generations, that is, from 12,000 years ago (the end of the Ice Age) to the present. I wonder if we have the a…

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AI Will Soon Reach a “Significant Level” in Our Lives

I still remember the not-so-distant time when we weren't enslaved by a smartphone as we are now, to the point where we panic at the thought of leaving the house without it. However, it seems that soon our dependence on artificial intelligence will become even deeper, though perhaps not as evident.

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Has AI become a kind of almost inquisitorial censorship?

A few days ago, I read an article (I'm intentionally not going to give other details) in which an expert on the subject of AI stated that, due to algorithms, less and less information can be shared on social networks since almost any message that one shares can be automatically removed. I wanted to …

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We are trapped inside an infinite lie, that of being ourselves

Reality seems so real to us and dreams so unreal that we often lose sight of the fact that we declare the real as real precisely by comparing it with dreams, which we declare as unreal because, when we wake up, their state of reality becomes evident. unreality. However, what if reality was a dream f…

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AI generates fear, or maybe we are afraid of ourselves

To the growing fear (real or imaginary) that artificial intelligence (AI) will soon leave us all without jobs, a new fear is now added: that AI will soon take away our free will and our ability to act, according to recent statements by Jack Dorsey, cofounder of Twitter (now called X).

In an inter…

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We are perhaps the only humans in the galaxy, but not on our planet

A recent revision of the famous Drake Equation (used since the middle of the last century to determine how many intelligent civilizations exist in our galaxy) seems to indicate that we are probably the only humans in the Milky Way. Whether that conclusion is true or not, the truth is that we are no …

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On May 24, Mitsubishi engineers announced that an intelligent robot they created solved the famous Rubik's Cube in just 0.3 seconds. It is worth mentioning that in 2016 the fastest time for a robot to solve the Rubik's cube was one minute, compared to 1:04 minutes in 2009.

Among humans, the best …

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Our foolish abuse of new technologies threatens our very future

We live in a time of so much scientific and technological advance that we can now (almost) detect megastructures of extraterrestrial civilizations in our galaxy and that we can now (without the “almost”) digitally duplicate any person, living or dead, and interact with that person. But so much techn…

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Do we sleep and dream to prepare for the future? It looks like it is

A new study published in the prestigious journal Nature on May 1 indicates that, during the first half of sleep, the brain “reboots” neuronal connections apparently with the purpose of preparing for the future or, more specifically, to be ready for learn what needs to be learned in the near future.…

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Ignorance and pride prevent us from seeing the signs that the future sends us

Recently I witnessed (from a distance) an accident on a busy street north of the city where I live. It turns out that one lane was closed for construction, with signs, flashing arrows, and orange cones warning of this situation. But a driver ignored all these signs and, after suddenly braking, colli…

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It seems that in a short time AI will be able to think for itself. When will we humans think?

In a recent article (April 11, 2024), Joelle Pineau, the vice president of artificial intelligence (AI) research at Meta, stated that “we are working hard to find a way for (AI) to not only talk, but I can really reason, plan and remember.”

In fact, according to that same article, Meta and Op…

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What will emerge once all the new technologies now scattered are merged?

A few decades ago, looking at the telephone of that time, and then at the radio, the television, the camera, the video recorder, the maps, the flashlight, and many other artifacts I could never, not even in a moment of high imagination, anticipate that some One day all these devices would be merged …

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Closing ourselves to the present means excluding ourselves from the new future

I recently witnessed a situation in a local supermarket that exemplifies that mental, emotional, and psychological closure that, by keeping us locked in the present, prevents us from seeing the new future and, therefore, connecting with that future. That is, we consciously or not exclude ourselves f…

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How can you think and act when science fiction becomes reality?

As a child, I liked to watch Star Trek, the landmark science fiction series that still continues to impact current culture and serves as inspiration for technological creations. However, I never anticipated, neither at that time nor in the near past, that Star Trek, far from being mere entertainment…

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A very dangerous limiting narrative: the techno-determinist narrative

Searching for recent news related to the future, I came across the article “How Much of Our Humanity Are We Willing to Outsource to AI?” by Sage Cammers-Goodwin and Rosalie Waelen, (The Nation, March 27, 2024), where the authors question the passive acceptance of artificial intelligence (AI) and adv…

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Will we survive the threshold of 2030? Maybe yes, but we must prepare

For some reason, 2030 is presented as an interesting year in the history of humanity, a pivotal moment in which, apparently, we will cross a threshold into a new reality for which we are not prepared and which we can barely describe. And this is neither speculation nor science fiction, but just payi…

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Will we leave our decisions and our future in the hands of “silicon sages”?

The rapid advance of artificial intelligence (created by us, it is worth remembering), added to the constant evidence of our inability to live in harmony with the planet and with others, have motivated a growing number of people to insist that AI must make important decisions about our future and pe…

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Little has changed in our society in the last two and a half millennia

I recently read that in our society “everything is lost” because “bad people serve as a good example and good people serve as mockery.” That complaint sought to reflect the “disintegration of the fundamental pillars” of current society, and, more specifically, the great “ethical challenges” facing t…

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Reality not only does not kill the narratives, but it does not even make a dent in them

The saying that “reality kills narratives” is repeated with some frequency, seeking to express that there are certain irrefutable facts or data that, when presented or when we become aware of them, nullify unfounded or unverifiable stories about reality. Unfortunately, that is not the case.


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