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We did it! The war on earth has already reached space.

It turns out that in one of the many regrettable wars that are currently being fought in this world (it doesn't matter which war it is, because they are all wars) a missile from one country shot down another missile from another country in space. According to several journalistic reports, it is the first time confirmed that a war on earth reaches space.

We should all be very proud of having achieved what the opening scene of 2001: Space Odyssey already anticipated: yesterday we were cavemen throwing bones at each other and today we are still cavemen but throwing missiles at each other in space. It is clear that, if this trend continues, in a short time we will be fighting on (and destroying) other planets.

All sarcasm aside (which, in fact, is more a lament), it seems that it is not enough for us to ruin the planet and desacralize the few sacred places that remained (if any), but now we must also star fighting in and through the space surrounding the earth. And then we will surely fight for the asteroids and the planets.

Perhaps this incomprehensible impulse to self-destruct ourselves and everything we touch, as well as this senseless vocation to see everything and everyone around us as raw material with a commercial value (the asteroid 16 Psyche is valued in thousands of trillions of dollars) are the reasons why intelligent beings from other planets do not visit us.

Perhaps Milan Kundera was right when in The Unbearable Lightness of Being he stated that everyone on this planet is a beginner, indicating that if we are here (at any time in history), we are here because we have not yet learned the lessons we should learn to no longer be here.

Meanwhile, we continue madly repeating the same cycle of self-destruction over and over again, implementing programs and developing actions that do not benefit any living being on this planet (including the planet itself), or that perhaps benefit only a few who care little about the consequences of their actions.

This is not (not even remotely) a conspiracy theory, but a reality seen time and time again throughout human history. For example, the itinerant preacher known as Paul confessed two millennia ago about his inability to avoid doing the evil he did not want and his inability to do the good he did want.

And in 1636, Calderón de la Barca reminded us in Life is a Dream how deep our self-deception is, stating that “The king dreams that he is king, and lives / with this deception commanding, / arranging and governing…” and that life is "An illusion, a shadow, a fiction…"

And in 1784 Kant lashed out in What is Enlightenment? to his contemporaries for living in a “self-caused immaturity”, understanding “immaturity” as “the incapacity to use one's intelligence without the guidance of another”.

We did it! We took war to space, but whether we like to admit it or not, we are still cavemen.


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