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The current crisis reveals what remained hidden for a long time

One must really question whether it is not that nature (or the universe, or some other type of presence) is using one crisis after another (pandemic, drought) to practically force us to remember everything that we would like to leave submerged in the unconscious and, that way, become aware of our actions of destruction and self-destruction.

For example, the extreme drought in Europe has caused such a drop in the flow of the main rivers in that continent that certain objects were submerged for decades, centuries and even millennia can now be seen with the naked eye and serve as a reminder of the tragedies, pains and past conflicts.

The low flow of the Danube revealed a flotilla of warships sunk by the Nazis at the end of World War II, ships that still contain live munitions that, if exploded, could cause immense destruction.

In addition, the little water in the Tiber River in Rome made it possible to see for the first time in two millennia the remains of an ancient Roman bridge, which collapsed at that time. And in other rivers in Europe, the so-called "pain stones" reappeared with a clear message for our time: "If you see this stone, cry."

Moving to the United States, the once immense Lake Mead, the largest artificial reservoir in the country, was comparatively reduced to a small accumulation of water dozens of yards below its normal levels. Therefore, numerous of sunken vehicles, as well as countless lost objects and even bodies of victims were now exposed.

I think there is no doubt that in our personal lives we do the same thing: we hide beneath the surface of the unconscious the debris of conflicts, the crumbling remnants of relationships, memories of pain, unethical actions and everything that bothers us in the present. 

Then a crisis arrives, causing everything that we thought was lost and inexorably forgotten to be visible to everyone again. As an itinerant teacher taught 2000 years ago, there is nothing hidden that is not revealed, either on a personal level or on a global humanity level.

The most recent pandemic was an excellent opportunity to rethink our relationship with others, with nature and the universe, with divinity, and each one with himself. But we insisted on returning to a "normality" that had nothing normal and continue destroying everything in our path, and destroying ourselves, to satisfy our inexhaustible narcissism.

In this context, it seems that nature, in its wisdom, got tired of our collective immaturity and decided to make us see through extreme weather what we should have already seen, but we did not see because we did not want to or because our immaturity did not allow it. And what we did not want to see is how irresponsible we are with the planet and with each other.

Divinity only knows what other calamities will befall humans if we refuse to reconsider and amend our way of life. But we still have a chance to do it.

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